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Anti Wrinkle

Your Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections aid in wrinkle reduction formed by the muscles of facial expression. Composed of a commercially prepared form of Clostridium botulinum, this causes a block in the nerve activity of the injected facial muscles, temporarily reducing muscle movement.

Your Experience

Makeup needs to be removed in the area where you are having treatment. An anaesthetic cream may be applied to the area prior to the procedure. Treatment may cause a series of mild pinching or stinging sensations.

How It Works

Anti-wrinkle injections are injected into specific facial muscles to help reduce their activity. When the muscles of facial expression contract, they may crease the skin and cause wrinkles. Continual contraction unabated over time may result in expression lines. However, anti-wrinkle injections may help to prevent this. The frown, forehead, and around the eyes are commonly treated areas.


Anti-wrinkle injections generally have an onset action of 4 to 7 days to fully develop, with an average longevity of roughly 3 to 4 months.




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