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Your Treatment

This new injectable is available in Australia in 2023. Rejuran is- • A polynucleotide DNA derived injectable that is non-hyaluronic acid based,•  A bio-remodelling injectable, i.e., stimulates your own body to produce collagen, this is term BIOSTIMULATION

Your Experience

After a sufficient time with topical numbing cream, the procedure produces minimal to moderate discomfort. The injection itself does not hurt, but the infusion of Rejuran under the skin does produce a slight stinging sensation that is bearable

How It Works

This innovative product is a gel formulation containing Polynucleotide sourced from wild salmon DNA fragments, meticulously extracted through exclusive DOT™️ technology (DNA Optimising Technology). Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid skin boosters, Rejuran harnesses the power of bio-active DNA molecules, stimulating skin regeneration and effectively repairing damage while mitigating undesirable inflammation.


The tiny welts formed by the injection are visible for 24 to 48 hours. Any tiny bruising or pin point bleeding will also settle during that time.Improvements occur after approximately 4 weeks, but get better as you complete the second and then the third session (at 4 weekly intervals for the first 3 sessions)




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