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FREE Standard Shipping On Orders Over $150

Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal

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Soprano Titanium laser hair removal system offers a combination of effective hair reduction, comfort during treatments, and safety across various skin types, making it a popular choice for those looking for long-term solutions to unwanted hair growth.

How It Works

Diode Laser Technology: The system emits a specific wavelength of light that targets the melanin in the hair follicles. This light energy is absorbed by the melanin, heating and disabling the follicles without harming the surrounding skin.

Titanium Sapphire Cooling Tip: Simultaneously, the titanium sapphire cooling tip cools the skin's surface, making the treatment more comfortable and protecting the skin from potential heat-related discomfort.

Treatment Sessions: Multiple treatment sessions are typically required for optimal results. These sessions are spaced apart to target hair follicles in different stages of growth, ensuring comprehensive and lasting hair reduction.


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