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Vita Crush

The Vita Crush facial at Eclado is a rejuvenating and revitalizing treatment designed to infuse your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients for a radiant glow. This advanced facial combines the benefits of vitamin-rich skincare products and specialized techniques to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your complexion. The Vita Crush facial begins with a gentle cleanse, followed by the application of vitamin-infused serums and masks tailored to your skin’s needs. These potent ingredients work to replenish lost nutrients, improve skin tone and texture, and promote overall skin health. The result is a refreshed, revitalized appearance with a youthful radiance that lasts.

Your Treatment

ECLADO's vitamin+antioxidant therapy reduces freckle without laser procedure. This therapy provides brightening effect and anti-wrinkle effect with pure vitamin C and gluco booster ampoule.

Your Experience

A solution for skin pigmentation, loss of skin vitality, skin dullness and rough skin

How It Works

Treatment includes a professional Skin Diagnosis, double cleanse, exfoliation, skin extraction, follow by a Refresh Vitamin C massage and Vitamin C ,follow by ECLADO's signature lifting technique with Pearl Velvet mask that delivers instant lifting effects, helps achieve the idea V-shaped lower face.Finish up with moisture protective and sun protection.


Antioxidant solution for a more brighter skin, improve skin complexion and vitality.




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